Marjorie of PNG Embraces the Waves of Change, Embarks on a Trailblazing Journey

Marjorie Kintau is a scholar under the  Australian Awards Scholarships program. She Studies at PNG Maritime College and this is her story. 

 In a remarkable testament to courage and ambition, Marjorie, a spirited individual hailing from Madang, Central, and Gulf provinces in Papua New Guinea , has seized what she describes as a divine opportunity—a marine cadetship—that she believes was providentially bestowed upon her.

Photo by Australian Awards PNG

Expressing her deep-seated aspirations, Marjorie articulated that her foremost goal is not merely to acquire nautical expertise but to cultivate unwavering confidence through this cadetship. With a fervent anticipation for the experience, particularly her upcoming time at sea, she draws inspiration from the narratives of female seafarers who have charted their course through the maritime world.

Guided by the unwavering determination of her brother, who consistently surmounts challenges to achieve his aspirations, Marjorie looks up to him as a beacon of relentless determination, inspiring her own pursuits.

In a passionate proclamation, Marjorie advocates for the empowerment of women, believing fervently that every woman harbors unique aspirations. She envisions the cadetship as a gateway, a liberating force allowing women to break free from the confines of societal expectations. "Some ladies will be interested in fashion, while some will be interested in engineering," she proclaimed, highlighting the diversity of dreams among women. This opportunity, she asserts, enables them to express themselves freely and chase their ambitions without the shackles of stereotypes.

In an emotive glimpse into her future, Marjorie envisions herself adorned with the insignia of success—graduated and immersed in the heart of one of the ships' engine rooms, perhaps embellished with the traces of her dedication and hard work, a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Her story, poised at the brink of an incredible journey, stands not just as a personal triumph but as a rallying cry for individuals everywhere. Marjorie’s voyage symbolizes the unyielding spirit and determination that propel humanity forward, breaking barriers and inspiring countless others to embrace their aspirations.

As she charts her course toward the horizons of success, Marjorie's story promises to be an inspiration—a testament to the resilience and tenacity inherent in every dreamer.

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