Clera of PNG completes Masters Degree in Digital Media, thanks to the Australia Awards

 Clera Sam is a working mum with two teenage boys living in Papua New Guinea. Clera is a communications specialist, working as a Public Relations Officer at PNG’s Department of Lands and Physical Planning. While working, Clera completed a Bachelor of Management, graduating in 2015.

 Clera Sam [Photo by Australian Awards]

Through her supervisors, Clera found out about the Australia Awards Scholarships. Aligning with her goals to complete her Masters before the age of 40 and sold on the fact that the awards would provide her with a two month English program (and support for herself and her husband and two boys) to settle in Australia while completing her Masters, Clera applied. Clera began her Masters in Digital Media at Victoria University in 2017 and completed it in 2019.

Always community minded even as a child (in primary school, being a Red Cross volunteer), Clera really embraced the opportunity in Australia and engaged in student volunteer work, visiting old persons homes and cleaning parks, renovating community halls and other community work.

Clera took on leadership roles at university and was the President of the Public Speaking Club.

After completing her Masters Clera also took up on-award engagement strategies with Womens Leadership Initiative which she helped her in her involvement in Womens Economic Empowerment programs in PNG.

An inspiration to her peers, Clera was also approached by Australia Awards to be a student speaker to incoming students and spoke to over 200 students at Melbourne Town Hall about her experience.

“The Australia Awards Scholarships helped improve my working life as it gave me further insights into the expectations of communications in the Public Sector. It has helped me to be an effective leader not only in the workplace but in the community, giving me confidence to mentor others in my family, community and workplace.

“My goal is to be a good role model for my family and be a trend-setter in communications and media, to help others”, Clera further stated.

When asked what Clera would say to inspire those considering applying for an Australia Awards Scholarship, Clera said, “Go for it! What you will gain in return is 110% more than what you planned to achieve, with greater potential than you realise on a personal, professional, mental and even spiritual level.

“Also, I advise you to make the most of it and take up all opportunities, e.g. Women’s Leadership Initiative, on-award engagement, don’t just limit yourself to the classroom”. Clera’s final word of advice to incoming students was to, “Stay focussed, remain grounded and aim high!”

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Source : Australian Awards 

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