Australian Awards Scholarships Awardees from PNG head to Australia for Studies

 TWENTY-two  Papua New Guinea students who were awarded the Australian Awards scholarships ravelled to Australia on Thursday for a four weeks course.

Minister counsellor, economics, health and infrastructure from the Australian High Commission Diane Barclay, said this was the first batch since the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Scholarships awardees. Photo by Australian High commission PNG 

Barclay said the recipients had done two components of the course in the country and they had gone to the University of South Australia in Adelaide to conclude their course. “We are really pleased that it is a first course like this that we’ve done,” she said.

“It’s focused on State-owned enterprise leaders and private sectors emerging leaders in PNG.

“These are really important cohorts for development of PNG’s economy.

“With this types of programmes, we consult with the PNG Government on (its) priorities and certainly if the government considers these types of courses a priority, we would be very open to considering them.

“It’s been a really successful course so far so I am certainly interested in holding another one in the future.”

Barclay said under the Australian Awards, there were a mix of short courses that were done in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

She said the numbers were getting back and up since the Covid-19 pandemic. “The awardees vary but it depends on the discussions that we have with the PNG Government around needs in different sectors and priorities.”

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