Solomon Islander Sharon Inone Graduates with first class honours at the National University of Ireland, Galway

 Solomon Islander Sharon Inone has graduated with first class honours at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

What made her achievement special is she’s one of the first first Pacific Islanders to be awarded an Irish Scholarship for SIDS (Small Islands Development States)

“Finally graduated with a First Class Honours Masters in Science in Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security. For my Pacific region, for my Country, for my village and people,” said Sharon who comes from Temotu.

She adds: “No inspirational quotes needed, let your life be the message. Let your story speak for itself,” she told SBMOnline tonight.

“I am here to win,” she says recalling that it was the mindset she had when she decided to take the risk to travel to Europe and do studies at the height of COVID-19. “I am not surprised that I won. It’s a mindset thing, you’re the product of your thinking pattern(s). Take the risk or go home and take your comfort zone,” she says.

She thanked the Irish Government for the scholarship.

Sharon is currently working for World Bank as a consultant on a short term basis while deciding if she should take on a PhD opportunity.

She was suppose to be based in Washington DC Based but due to COVID-19, she’s working virtually at the moment.

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