Solomon Islands Authorities probe teachers with fake certificates

 The Solomon Islands CENTRAL Provincial Education Authority (CPEA) is now carrying out an investigation on alleged primary teachers who reported to have submitted fake certificates to them.

Central Provincial Premier, Stanley Manetiva told Solomon Star that as of Tuesday this week the CPEA has started conducting their investigation on the reported matter.

“My government has taken this matter seriously, and now I have advised the CPEA to carryout its investigation and to report back immediately to our education administration for action.

“If those findings are true those teachers will be terminated,” he said.

Mr Manetiva said the Central Provincial Government will not be tolerated on such act as his government is focusing on education as key to development.

In a published report, four primary school teachers from South Ngella have been identified for submitting fake certificates to the authority while the remaining ones were from other parts of the province.

The report alleged; the teachers used certificates of others who have already graduated from the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).

They have forged the copies and with their names on it and then re-printed and attached the fake documents in their submission to the Central Provincial Education Authority Office.

Ethel Tovongo, Education Inspector for Central Provincial Education Authority has confirmed that her office has received certified copy of diploma certificates.

She said, they found these teachers still have an outstanding tuition fee with the Solomon Islands National University which yet to be cleared before they can receive their official certificate.

Education Authority has received genuine copies of SINU certificates. From this, they found that fonts used on the fake documents are different from the original copies of SINU Certificates, she said

She said SINU’s Students Academic Service Office has also confirmed the identified teachers who allegedly forged the certificates, and have their certificates held as they still have outstanding fees to clear.

Solomon Star / Study Wiki 

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