Divine Word University Jobs

 The Divine Word University (DWU) in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has several job positions. Both national and international applicants are invited to apply for the following job positions.

  1. Lecturer in premedical and clinical skills - 2 positions required
  2. Senior Lecturer- Emergency Physician 
  3. Senior Lecturer - Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
  4. Senior Lecturer - Paediatric
  5. Senior Lecturer - Rural Medicine 
  6. Senior Lecturer - Pathologist 

Job descriptions and contact details are provide on the flyer uploaded above. 

Due date of job applications is : 25th March , 2022. 

Disclaimer : Please note that we do not represent the university  or college stated in this post in anyway and we are not agent  for them. We do not recruit, enroll or take questions on the job listed here. All graphics and information uploaded here are for general information and promotional purposes. Information may change overtime which this site may not update it. Thus you are to consult their official website. 

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